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Duplex Flat In Gurgaon

Duplex builder floor Gurgaon
Duplex builder floor Gurgaon

Duplex Flat In Gurgaon are in high demand now! A spacious flat in a lively neighbourhood is the perfect choice when it comes to selecting our house. And the number of amenities offered by flats nowadays is hardly seen in any other type of house. But we must always know the pros and cons of every decision we take because one single wrong step can make us suffer for a long time. And it’s not just about time but also about the monetary pain involved in it. So, let’s know whats the best upcoming choices are there for families nowadays and which localities are on a roll when it comes to becoming the 1st preference for people in Delhi and NCR regions.

Why Duplex flats in Gurgaon are becoming the first choice?

When it comes to purchasing houses, people are often choosy because there are not 1, not two but tens of things that need to be considered when you go out to buy your house. And almost everywhere, these combinations won’t be in your favour. Whereas, you will often see few apartments exist where everything matches your choices except the price. So, however easy people make it, buying a house is a very hard task.

In this complex process of selecting your perfect house, statistics say that families that prefer flats over anything else choose duplex flats over everything. They may have a personal preference or something but duplex flats has n number of advantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of duplex flat in Gurgaon


  • You get to have a good amount of privacy.
  • Colony of flats gives added amenities like park, play area, swimming pool, gymnasiums, etc.
  • Maintenance fees of the building are shared by more people making it less for each person.
  • Perfect for families with 3, 4, 5 members (children included)
  • Affordable and found in the best localities. You will get a perfect house in the best locally at a cheaper price than a villa, bungalow, or builder floor.
  • Can be used by two different families where one can divide each bedroom for their own purpose.
  • Flats are the first preference for people who are looking out for rent. Therefore if you purchase a duplex flat Gurgaon and decide to rent it out. High chances are there that you will be getting more people interested in your house than any other else.


  • More people often tend to generate more issues. People end up having sour relationships due to common issues found in society.
  • When it comes to rental incomes, it is always uncertain. You may get a person who is willing to rent your house in 1 day, and it may also take forever to find.
  • Maintenance problems will be there since common amenities are used by numerous hands.

Who must go for duplex flat Gurgaon?

Now the biggest point is who must consider buying a duplex flat in Gurgaon?

  • Families with 3-4 members can easily live their best life in Duplexes.
  • Or families where two separate sub-family can also live a happy life in duplexes since they can always have a personal bedroom.
  • Families with budget issues and therefore wants to purchase budget houses.
  • Families that want to have the maximum amount of amenities at the least possible price.
  • People who are looking to buying a house with a purpose to rent it out.

Therefore, it’s quite evident how good buying a personal duplex flat in Gurgaon is. Being a prime location, Gurgaon is one of the first choices when it comes to the best places to live in after Delhi. Sometimes, Gurgaon even beats Delhi to this because the cost of living in Gurgaon is lesser than the national capital.

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